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Are you a concerned parent seeking to petition for child custody or support? Divorce is difficult for you and your estranged spouse, of course, but it may be even more difficult for the youngest members of your family: your children. When it comes to determining child custody arrangements and figuring out child support payments, you’ll need to learn a bit about Texas law and the factors that affect a judge’s determinations in family court. 

At Hunt Law Firm, our committed child custody and child support lawyers in League City are well acquainted with Texas law as it applies to these complex matters. Whether you are a mother, father, or even a grandparent or close relative, you can rely on our attorneys to provide diligent, responsive attention to protect the wellbeing of the children you hold so dear and to protect their best interests. Our attorneys are here to offer compassionate counsel to families seeking child custody and support services during this challenging, frustrating time and give you the legal guidance you need.

Child Custody Laws in Texas & How Our Firm Protects Your Children and Their Wellbeing 

Here at Hunt Law Firm, we know nothing is more important to you in the terms of your divorce than those which involve your children. Because child custody is complex, particularly if the parents cannot agree on how they will split their time with the children, it’s best to turn to a trustworthy lawyer who explains matters to you in a way you can understand. If you are seeking to petition for child custody in League City, you can rely on our highly skilled attorneys to provide you with all the legal guidance you’ll need as you learn more about Texas law and how it applies to your divorce. 

Child custody, or conservatorship, in the state of Texas is classified as follows: 

  • Joint managing conservatorship: In this arrangement, both parents share co-parenting rights and responsibilities, but it does not necessarily mean each parent is granted equal time with their children. 
  • Sole managing conservatorship: This arrangement entails that only one parent has legal rights to make decisions regarding their children, such as their primary residence, decisions about education/medicine/legal matters, and more. 

Texas Family Code Section 153.002 establishes a “best interest of the child” standard, which basically means that the Texas court system considers what it deems best for the child when determining child custody. Factors that are considered include the child’s wishes, the emotional and physical needs of the child, the stability of the child’s proposed home, the parenting abilities of each parent seeking custody, the resources of the parents seeking custody, and other factors. 

A Brief Overview of How Child Support Is Awarded in Texas

Parents often ask us how much child support payments will be, as it is a sensitive consideration that will ensure the wellbeing of the children they co-parent with their estranged spouse. In Texas, there are specific calculations taken into account in determining how much the providing spouse will pay the receiving spouse. 

Specifically, the two main components are net monthly income of the providing parent and the number of children to be supported. There is a certain percentage of the providing parent’s income (i.e., “net resources”) that will be ordered as child support – typically it is 20% for one child, 25% for two children, and 5 percent more for any additional children, with special stipulations. There are other determinations the judge may take into account to determine how much will be paid to the receiving spouse, such as the age of the children, their overall health, the time each parent spends with the children, associated expenses of raising the children, the financial wellbeing of the receiving parent, and other expenditures. 

Child support is designed to provide for reasonable living expenses of raising children. Some of the items the child support funds may be used on include: 

  • Clothing
  • Personal items
  • Food 
  • Accommodations
  • Educational costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Reasonable, fair items otherwise not mentioned 

Child support is not considered necessary for luxury items, cosmetic surgery, a car, private school tuition, or other unnecessary expenses. It’s important to note that child support modifications can be made in the future, particularly if circumstances change for one or both spouses, such as a change in income, remarriage, etc. 

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Texas family court factors varying complex considerations when determining child custody and support. It can take time to determine the specifics. Because it is so complicated, we urge you to retain the right lawyer to protect your rights and the wellbeing of your children. Our firm has an excellent reputation and offers comprehensive services for families looking for legal guidance and compassionate support in what is undoubtedly a challenging, emotional time that is only compounded by the frustrations of legalese and seemingly mountains of legal documents. We can help. Let us help protect your rights should a dispute arise. 

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