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Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyers in Sugar Land, TX 

Prepare Your Divorce with Experienced Fort Bend County Counsel

Divorce is difficult, there’s no reason to sugarcoat it. It doesn’t have to be painful, though. When you come to Hunt Law Firm, PLLC in Sugar Land, Texas, you can hand your case to a full team of compassionate and experienced legal professionals. We are here to make sure that you can resolve your divorce with as little stress and worries as possible by handling all legal aspects of it while also supporting you emotionally.

Hunt Law Firm is one of the top choices of firms in Sugar Land because:

  • Each client gets one-on-one sessions with their divorce attorney.
  • Our responses to most questions take less than 24 hours.
  • We insist on being honest and transparent during all communications.
  • Our office has been designed to be comfortable and welcoming.
  • We have competitive fees to keep our services affordable to more people.

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Your Dedicated Divorce Law Firm in Sugar Land

When you have been handed divorce papers or want to file the divorce petition yourself, the legal counsel you hire for help needs to appreciate the situation for what it is: a legal case that will change your life for the foreseeable future. We invite you to come to Hunt Law Firm first because we deliberately focus on divorce and family law cases, so there is no distraction from other case types. Our lawyers are also well-versed in Texas estate planning laws, which often come into play during divorces.

Should You Divorce or Separate?

The process of divorce will officially dissolve your marriage under a court order, which is fairly final. If you aren’t sure you want to take such a significant step out of your relationship so soon, then you can consider filing for a legal separation. Similar to a divorce, a legal separation will require you to decide on certain aspects and responsibilities of your marriage, such as who will get to live with your children or who can keep using the family car. Unlike a divorce, though, a legal separation doesn’t dissolve the marriage, so it is easier to get back together if you realize that you still want a relationship with your spouse.

Is Your Divorce Contested or Uncontested?

By design, a divorce is adversarial. It pits you against your spouse in a legal contest to decide who the court will favor. However, the spouse-versus-spouse nature of divorce doesn’t mean that matters need to get aggressive or unfriendly. Indeed, you never need to disagree with your spouse for a divorce process to be completed.

Depending on what disagreements arise, a divorce can be considered:

  • Contested: If the recipient spouse (the one who is handed divorce papers) disagrees with anything that the filing spouse (the one who created the divorce petition) has proposed in the petition, then the divorce will be contested. To resolve a contested divorce, negotiation and mediation efforts can be used. Sometimes, mediation is required before the court will set a trial date. However, if the divorcing spouses can’t come to an agreement in mediation, then a trial will be necessary.
  • Uncontested: If the recipient spouse finds no reason to disagree with the divorce petition made by the filing spouse, then the divorce will be uncontested. Understandably, an uncontested divorce is preferred. Don’t assume that an uncontested divorce means that everything will go in your favor, though. It is still a good idea to speak with a divorce attorney and allow them to handle your case, so they can help make sure that the divorce proceedings stay fair.

Texas Grounds for Divorce

When you file for divorce, there will be a spot to add your reason for wanting to dissolve your marriage. As a no-fault state, Texas allows you to write that your marriage has become “irreparably damaged” or that you have “irreconcilable differences,” which is the legal way to say you are unhappy in your marriage. If you prefer, though, you can include a much more specific reason or “grounds” for divorce.

Texas recognizes a few legal grounds for divorce, such as:

  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Adultery
  • Cruelty
  • Felony conviction
  • Living apart

Discuss your reasons for filing for divorce with our Sugar Land divorce attorneys. We can help you decide if you want to list a specific reason or keep your divorce more private by just citing irreconcilable differences. For example, if your spouse has physically or emotionally abused you, then it might be worth telling the court, so it is less likely to award them child custody.

10 Ways A Divorce Attorney In Sugar Land Can Help You

There are many benefits that come with hiring a divorce attorney. First and foremost, your attorney will help to smooth the divorce process, and help you receive a favorable settlement. But apart from that, your lawyer will be there to provide you with the emotional reassurance that you may need during this challenging time.

Your divorce attorney will help you in the following ways:

  1. Smooth the divorce process
  2. Handle hefty paperwork
  3. Prevent mistakes that may cost you time and money
  4. Provide you with emotional reassurance
  5. Offer you important legal guidance
  6. Answer all of your questions
  7. Help you receive a favorable settlement
  8. Help you with a variety of family matters, such as child support, child custody, or spousal support
  9. Represent you in court
  10. Will help to protect your rights and your reputation

Our divorce attorneys will go above and beyond to make sure that you have all of the support and the guidance that you need. Contact our team of divorce lawyers in Sugar Land and let us help you. Schedule an initial consultation today.

Get Divorce Help Now – Call (281) 771-1505

Hunt Law Firm is here to help you navigate a divorce process, whether you are the filing spouse or recipient spouse. From the start, our Sugar Land divorce lawyers will prioritize your best interests and those of your children. No matter how complicated or straightforward your divorce might be, we have the experience and resources needed to handle it.

Trust our law firm for moral and legal support. Contact us onlinenow.

Sugar Land Divorce FAQ

Should you try to file for divorce before your spouse does?

Texas doesn’t give any legal advantage to the filing or recipient spouse, also called the petitioner and respondent. You don’t have to rush to file for divorce if you thin your spouse might. Stay focused on yourself, your family, and preserving your best interests.

Will a divorce take a long time?

When you file for divorce in Texas, you have to wait at least 60 days from the petition’s filing for it to be approved by the court. Although, many divorces take several months longer at least because there could be many back-and-forth moments between you and your spouse. Contested divorces often take longer than a year to finalize.

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

You can represent yourself in divorce court in most situations, but it isn’t recommended. If your spouse has a divorce attorney, you should talk to Hunt Law Firm right away. Don’t let them take advantage of your lack of Texas divorce law experience.

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    "Mr. Hunt was responsive from the start."
    Mr. Hunt was responsive from the start, replying to my initial inquiry questions on a Sat/Sun. My case had urgency, and the staff got my case started right away. Brittany took time to explain the priority and timelines for information they needed from me.
    "Alex Hunt and his team are top notch."
    Alex Hunt and his team are top notch. I have been using them for over 3 years and can't say enough about their professionalism and quality of work.
    "I found a Law Firm that really cares!"
    I found a Law Firm that really cares! From the very first call to set an appointment to the signing of my prepared estate planning docs. I was treated was patience, respect and complete professionalism.
    "I’ll be recommending this amazing firm to everyone in the future."
    Melissa Masoom and her team are absolutely wonderful. I’ll be recommending this amazing firm to everyone in the future.
    "Working with the Hunt Law Firm made our estate preparation seamless."
    Right from the initial consultation meeting, to the final signing, the entire staff provided the needed support to accomplish our objectives.
    "Did exactly what we needed in a very professional way."
    Fantastic, friendly, and efficient service! Did exactly what we needed in a very professional way. Would definitely recommend them for Estate Planning.
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