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Durable Power of Attorney

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Most people are aware they should have a will to designate the beneficiaries of their assets and property after their death, but there are other important documents useful for arranging your affairs as part of your estate plan. It is a best practice to establish a durable power of attorney for end-of-life matters, such as what should be done in the event you are incapacitated and can no longer make your own decisions regarding your financial matters. In the event of a serious medical illness or injury, loved ones will likely be in a highly emotional state and will be left to piece together what your wishes would have been regarding your financial affairs and the management of any of your property.

Note that a medical power of attorney is a separate matter from a durable power of attorney. While a medical power of attorney names a “healthcare proxy” to make important medical care decisions, a durable power of attorney facilitates a proxy making your financial decisions.

Our attorneys are familiar with estate planning law, and can help you and your family prepare these important documents. By discussing these issues with your family well in advance, you can ease the burden loved ones would otherwise face. We will ensure your durable power of attorney has specific, effective language to convey your wishes and specific needs.

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A durable power of attorney is crucial, because a life-changing event can occur at any time. It will be too late to plan ahead if you suffer a substantial health event and are incapacitated. Bills can go unpaid, your real estate may go unmanaged, your investments could suffer, and other daily obligations could go unmet.

Per the Texas Durable Power of Attorney statute, a durable power of attorney must:

  • Designate another person as the agent who has authority to act in your place
  • Contain the words “this power of attorney is not affected by subsequent disability of the principal” or something similar to this phrase, to clearly indicate the principal intends to confer authority to his or her agent
  • Be signed by the principal in front of a notary, and the principal must be of sound mind and know what they are doing by signing the documents
  • Be signed in front of a clerk of each county where you own property, if you are entrusting your agent to conduct real estate transactions for you

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