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Family law and divorce cases are stressful by default. Taking a family member or someone close to you to court is not something that anyone wants to do. Yet it has to happen to solve important conflicts.

If you are faced with a highly stressful family law or divorce case in Cypress, Texas, then Hunt Law Firm is here to help. We are known throughout the state for developing case strategies that protect our client’s best interests while also putting their worries at ease. With years and years of family law practice experience, we know how to navigate the most delicate of situations without making tensions worse.

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Focused on Family Law & Divorce

Many law firms try to focus on many different practice areas at once. As a result, clients often don’t know how much real legal support they will be getting when they hired an attorney.

At Hunt Law Firm in Cypress, we have intentionally kept our practice focused on family law and divorce, as well as on estate planning cases that often go hand-in-hand with these case types. We are the first and only law firm that you need to know for family law support because we are so closely familiar with everything about it. Our knowledge is not limited to just Texas family law, we know the procedures of many other states in case a client’s case involves out-of-state jurisdiction.

People choose Hunt Law Firm, PLLC so often because:

  • We have warm and compassionate legal professionals.
  • We pair you one-on-one with the right attorney for your case.
  • We are honest and transparent at every step along the way.
  • We strive to keep our rates competitive and highly affordable.

Counsel for Any Family Law Conflict

You never know what issues can crop up among family members, especially when your family life might be more complex than most. For this reason, family law conflicts can take many forms and require many different paths to resolution. Not to worry, though. Our Cypress family lawyers have the insight and experience needed to work on many different case types.

Different family law matters that we can handle include the following:

Benefits of Hiring a Family Lawyer

Everyone has a different reason for hiring a family lawyer, but the benefits of making that decision tend to be universal.

The benefits of hiring a family law attorney often include:

  • Less conflict: A family lawyer will know how to navigate your legal situation to protect your best interests without causing more trouble. We want to preserve any relations with your family if possible and if that is important to you.
  • Less time: You don’t want to get stuck in a family law conflict that lasts for years, but it can happen in some cases. By putting a family lawyer in charge of things, you can prevent avoidable delays and complications.
  • Less stress: Perhaps most importantly, putting our family law attorneys in Cypress in charge of your case can save you a lot of stress. We will handle all legal steps of your case, deal with opposing counsel, and much more, so you can continue to focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Ready to Help – Call Any Time

You don’t have to wait to get legal help with a tough family law contest or divorce. You can always reach out to our family lawyers in Cypress by dialing (832) 781-0320. If for whatever reason we miss your call, then we will return it as soon as possible. Our responsiveness is part of our strong reputation, which you will see more of when you choose us to represent you.

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Family Law FAQ

Are family court cases public record in Texas?

Typically, family court cases in Texas are not public records but are instead sealed away. However, the records can be unsealed by interested parties, so you shouldn’t consider your case to be 100% confidential.

Is hiring a family lawyer expensive?

At Hunt Law Firm, we have competitive rates to make hiring a family lawyer affordable for more people. Also, in rare cases, Texas courts will let you litigate a family law issue for a courtroom verdict that requires that the opposition pays for your attorney and legal fees. If this happens in your case, then hiring a family lawyer and pursuing the right outcome for the case could be far more affordable than you ever imagined.

Will I have to go to family court for my case?

Not all family law cases end up in litigation. Many don’t need a trial at all if negotiations or mediation work. Although, most cases go to the court at least once for its approval. For example, you can’t finalize a divorce agreement until a family law judge reviews it for any legal discrepancies.

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