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What Questions Should I Ask in My Initial Divorce Consultation?

At Hunt Law Firm, PLLC, we understand that one of the most critical times of an individual’s life is going through a divorce and/or child custody disputes. For this reason alone, it is imperative that you are prepared for your initial consultation with an attorney.

If you feel that you are in an emergency situation and have a family related issue, just thinking about a divorce, or just want to know your rights in the State of Texas, you have come to this right place. 

We aim to:

  1. Explain the purpose of an initial consultation
  2. Provide you with a list of the main questions that should be asked during your consultation

Overall, after these questions have been answered you should feel confident and prepared to make a decision that will affect you and/or your children’s life in the future.

The Purpose of an Initial Consultation

It is essential to make sure to contact a law office and ask an attorney for any questions or concerns that you may have. Many individuals get poor advice from friends, family and others that are not attorneys. Be cautious about information that you receive from non-lawyers, as it can play a negative impact on your life and can cloud your judgment about what your rights are in your case.

When you speak to a licensed attorney about your family related situation, we, as attorneys, are here in order to give you insightful knowledge about the law and your options on what type of decisions and routes that would be most beneficial to you.

List of Important Questions to Ask Your Attorney

  • How often will you communicate with me regarding my case? What are all the methods we can communicate? Text messages? Emails? Phone calls? Portals?
  • If I have an emergency after your work hours, will you respond?
  • How can I keep the communication between me and my spouse amicable to avoid arguments?
  • Will I receive drafts before documents are submitted to court?
  • Which attorneys will be working on my case?
  • How much does it cost for my attorney to work on my case versus other support staff?
  • What is a trust account?
  • What is an evergreen amount?
  • Will I get a refund at the end of my case?
  • Do phone calls and reading emails get charged on my trust account? 
  • What are all the charges that will be independent and additional costs in my case?
  • Do you offer fixed fees, a billable hour model?
  • Will my spouse be liable for some or all of my fees?
  • If my spouse does not hire any attorney, how will that change the process of my case?
  • Can experts help my case?
  • Who is the petitioner?
  • Who is the respondent?
  • Is it best to be open-minded to mediation?
  • Do you have time to handle my case?
  • How many other cases are you handling besides mine? 
  • Are there any deadlines that I need to be aware of? If so, what happens if I miss them?
  • Do you think I need a therapist?
  • Do you think my children need a therapist?
  • Do you have any referrals to therapist?

Divorce Specific Questions

  • How much money does a divorce cost?
  • How do I file for a divorce?
  • What is a divorce petition?
  • What is fault based vs. no-fault divorce?
  • What is the divorce process?
  • What should I do if my spouse served me with divorce papers?
  • Will geographical restrictions benefit my case?
  • Is there a waiting period for a divorce in Texas?
  • Can I get divorce if I am pregnant? 
  • Can I refuse to get a divorce in Texas?
  • Will my spouse’s domestic violence on myself factor into our divorce?
  • Will my spouse’s adultery factor into our divorce?
  • Are divorce proceedings public records?
  • What is discovery in Texas?
  • Who gets the pet in the divorce?
  • What is an uncontested divorce and am I eligible for one?
  • When does a case turn contested?
  • What is a mediated settlement agreement? How much do they normally cost?
  • Can we stop the divorce if we decide to reconcile? 
  • Is there a thing called legal separation?
  • What is an annulment?
  • What type of documents will I need to start gathering for my case?
  • What is community property in Texas?
  • What is separate property in Texas?
  • How will the court decide who keeps what once our divorce is finalized?
  • Should I hide or move my assets to protect them?
  • What is a QDRO? Will my case need one?
  • Do I need to change my estate planning documentation now, before my divorce is final?
  • Will I be eligible for spousal maintenance and support?
  • What is the status quo in a divorce proceeding?
  • What if my spouse cuts me off financially before we get to the Judge?
  • Can we compel my spouse to have a mental health examination?

Child Custody Specific Questions

  • How much will a child custody lawsuit cost?
  • How do I file for child custody lawsuit?
  • What is a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship?
  • Should I move out of the house?
  • Can I kick my spouse out of the house?
  • What is a temporary order?
  • What type of temporary orders should I seek?
  • What is legal custody?
  • What is physical custody?
  • What type of documents do I need to gather for my case?
  • My case has a lot of conflicts, how will you approach my case?
  • What is an amicus attorney? Do I pay them separately?
  • What is a parenting coordinator? Will it help my case?
  • Will my case require a parenting certificate?
  • What is the difference between sole managing conservatorship v. joint managing conservatorship?

What Happens if I Forget to Ask All of These Questions?

If you retain an attorney, you will have time to go over any questions that you may have forgot or still need help with. 

Please contact us at Hunt Law Firm, PLLC to get your questions answered and find a solution for your case!

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