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Finding peaceful resolutions to family matters is never easy. The decisions you make could have long-lasting effects on your family's future, and it is wise to proceed with caution and awareness. Our firm's knowledgeable divorce lawyers in Katy and Cypress, Texas provide compassionate yet zealous legal counsel for individuals and families throughout the greater Houston area.

Unlike many other firms, our firm dedicates its practice to family law and divorce. The reasoning behind the choice to center our firm around one area of law is simple: an unrelenting goal of being the best in the field by attending top training, reviewing cutting edge research and case law, and studying the most effective ways of resolving cases involving children, property, and family finances. Our attorneys have experience in a wide range of family law matters, including complex child custody disputes, divorces involving high-asset property divisions, and modifications and enforcements of existing court orders. In addition, we provide skillful representation of clients in adoptions, name changes, and guardianships.

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At Hunt Law Firm, we do things differently. Backed by years of litigation experience and numerous professional awards, we live by the motto: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” This is the best way to ensure our clients are provided with the most resolution-focused, cost-effective solution possible – even when it involves litigation. If you’re looking for compassionate, ethical, and proven representation for your case, look no further than Hunt Law Firm.

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We proudly serve individuals in need of legal guidance throughout the greater Houston area. Our firm’s office is conveniently located in Katy, Texas. In addition to being active members of the community, our attorneys live and work in Katy and the greater Houston area.
  • “I've heard horror stories about all things divorce, but I can honestly say, Kelly made this process straightforward and relatively easy for me. ”
  • “Attorney Kelly Rizzo was thoroughly prepared, thoughtful and considerate as she represented me for my divorce.”
  • “Kelly & Alex were extremely helpful and very honest attorneys!”
  • “Hayley Hollands, the best divorce attorney.”
  • “If you ever find yourself in need of a family law attorney, I HIGHLY recommend the Hunt Law firm and Kelly Rizzo!”
  • “I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Hunt to anyone in need. ”
  • “Divorce is a very difficult decision and the process was very emotional for me, but Alex Hunt helped guide me through the process smoothly and professionally.”

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Our attorneys handle each case personally. Your case won’t be handed off to a staff member, and clients can expect personalized, one-on-one attention from their lawyer. Clients know we are available by phone, email, and private messaging through our client portal – from the beginning of your case until it concludes.

Hunt Law Firm's top goal is to help you move forward with confidence. Alex Hunt can review the details of your case and explain the best options available to you during an initial consultation. Get started today by calling (832) 781-0320!

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