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When you file for divorce, you expect it will come with a certain degree of difficulty, frustration, and emotional hardship. However, these issues can be reduced or eliminated altogether when you choose to pursue a collaborative law divorce instead. By selecting this form of alternative dispute resolution, you may be able to avoid court altogether, and find a true “win-win” solution for your divorce agreement. At Hunt Law Firm, we know how stressful and painful the divorce process can be, but our compassionate Katy collaborative law attorneys have the resources and knowledge to make peaceful resolution a reality.

What Is Collaborative Law?

According to most legal experts, the Collaborative Law movement first began in the Midwest in the early 1990’s. From there, it spread across the country and the world, partly due to the high demand for less tension-fraught and painful divorce methods. Although the principles of collaborative law are primarily used to help couples resolve their divorce issues and settle out of court, it can also cover a broad range of other disputes, such as child custody proceedings or estate planning disputes.

Collaborative Law Divorces: Benefits & Requirements

Unlike a traditional divorce, a collaborative law divorce can save both time and money, and prevent you from experiencing additional emotional distress in court. Like mediation services, collaborative law divorces provide couples with a means to avoid the stinging words of a traditionally litigated divorce. Most importantly, this option can give couples the autonomy to make their own divorce decisions, rather than relying on the verdict of a judge.

Some of the most commonly cited benefits of a collaborative law divorce include:

  • Less conflict and emotional trauma
  • The power to resolve your own disputes
  • Potential for significant reduction of costs and fees
  • Less time spent on legal preparation and court hearings
  • Neutral experts shared by the parties
  • Fair and unbiased assessment of financial assets
  • More privacy because settlements occur mostly outside of court

The most crucial requirement of a collaborative law divorce is that each party must agree to an environment of mutual respect. At the first meeting, often called the “first 4-way meeting,” each party must sign a document called the Collaborative Participation Agreement. This document spells out that both parties agree to act in good faith, and to honestly exchange information for the best possible outcome.

Among other items, the Collaborative Participation Agreement usually includes the following agreements between both parties:

  1. That you do not want to go to court.
  2. That you will treat each other with respect and courtesy, and avoid disparagement.
  3. That you will work to find a “win-win” situation for both parties, and any children involved.
  4. That you will share experts in common, along with the associated costs.

The Collaborative Law Process in Action

Once the Participation Agreement has been signed, the attorneys for both parties will help schedule a series of meetings, wherein the entire collaborative law case will be negotiated and resolved. This may take weeks or months, but ultimately the timeframe is up to the clients. Each party will have responsibilities and (often) homework after the meetings to ensure that they are actively working towards a resolution. If either party ends up taking the case to court, both attorneys will be disqualified for future divorce proceedings, and the Collaborative Participation Agreement becomes null.

When you need to file for divorce or resolve another kind of dispute, turning to collaborative law solutions may be your best option for peace of mind and lowered costs. Our skilled Katy collaborative lawyers are well-versed in this method of mediation, and can help you find an effective middle ground that will satisfy the needs of all parties involved.

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