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When you want to file a divorce petition or are handed divorce papers, everything in your life can feel suddenly confusing. What are you supposed to do next to make sure that your best interests are preserved, and your family life doesn’t completely fall apart? Many law firms will tell you to prepare for a fight because divorce is adversarial by nature, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Hunt Law Firm, our divorce lawyers serving Pearland can help you navigate the divorce process with as little stress as possible. We know how to move your case forward without starting fights or intentionally burning bridges. However, if tough litigation will be necessary to end your divorce fairly, then we will be ready for that, too.

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Important Aspects of Most Divorces

During a one-on-one session with your divorce attorney, you can learn more about the ins and outs of divorce. Every divorce case is unique, of course, but there are a few topics and areas of concern that tend to come up often. We would be happy to walk you through each step of your divorce, so you’ll be ready for anything expected and unusual.

Four common yet important aspects in a divorce case include:

  1. Child custody: If you want to continue to make important decisions about your child’s life and lifestyle, such as medical, educational, and religious choices, then you will have to argue to retain child custody rights. 
  2. Child support: The parent who spends more time with their child after divorce will usually receive monthly child support payments from the other parent. The goal is to make sure that financial changes don’t disrupt the child’s well-being.
  3. Property division: Community or marital property will need to be split when you divorce. Texas uses equitable community property rules, which means that community property will be divided fairly, which might not be exactly even.
  4. Spousal support: A court can approve spousal support to help keep the spouse of lesser income financially afloat while the divorce is pending. Afterward, the spousal support could become semi-permanent as spousal maintenance if needed.

Getting You Ready for Divorce

When your divorce first begins, everything can seem intimidating. However, as soon as you start to work with our divorce lawyers, we are certain that much of that stress will go away. We are here to help you get ready for divorce early, so nothing takes you by surprise.

When preparing for divorce, you should:

  • Open private accounts: Using a joint account shared with your spouse could be a problem while you are divorcing. Consider opening private accounts in your name only.
  • Change your passwords: You should change your passwords for any private apps and accounts that shouldn’t be any business of your spouse’s. You never know when someone will try to be less than honest and access accounts that they shouldn’t.
  • Get financial documents: Retrieve copies of important financial documents, such as those relating to mortgages, car payments, retirement accounts, and so on. Our attorneys can use those documents to get an early lead in your case.
  • Turn off social media: We recommend that you turn off your social media accounts while your divorce is pending. Oversharing on a social media wall could be problematic for your divorce.

Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

As you know, a divorce is stressful from start to finish. How stressful it will be, however, is somewhat up to you. By hiring one of our highly experienced divorce attorneys, you can get immediate access to many different benefits that are sure to make your life easier.

Benefits of hiring a divorce attorney include:

  • Legal knowledge: Our attorneys know Texas divorce and family law back and forth, top to bottom. We can act on your behalf, so all our legal experience effectively becomes yours.
  • Timesaver: A divorce case can take a few months or longer than a year. Oftentimes, cases take longer because of mistakes that could’ve been avoided, like missing a filing date or forgetting to provide the right documentation. With our attorneys working on your case, we will help you avoid errors, big and small.
  • Less stress: As mentioned, stress is part of a divorce. Yet leaving your case in our hands means that you can let us take care of each step, which will reduce the stress you feel.

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At Hunt Law Firm, our divorce attorneys deliver personalized legal counsel to the people of Pearland because we know that divorce is personal. You won’t be given a cookie-cutter solution to your divorce. We insist on making sure that you feel heard and seen, so you can be confident that your divorce case is fair to your best interests. Whether we need to go to court for litigation or to the conference room for mediation, we are on your side.

Learn more about how to handle divorce the right way. Contact us online or dial (832) 781-0320.

Pearland Divorce FAQ

What are grounds for divorce?

Grounds for divorce refer to specific reasons why you want to get a divorce. Texas recognizes a few, such as adultery, abuse, abandonment, and other serious concerns. You don’t need to cite a specific ground for divorce, though. As a no-fault state, Texas also lets you divorce simply because you have “irreconcilable differences” with your spouse.

How long do I have to wait to file for divorce in Texas?

Once you file a divorce petition, at least 60 days must pass before the court will officially dissolve the marriage. This waiting period can be waived if the respondent spouse has been convicted of domestic violence, or if the filing spouse already has a protective order against the respondent spouse.

What is permanent alimony?

Spousal maintenance or alimony will usually end within a few years at max. However, if the marriage lasted for more than 10 years or the requesting spouse reasonably can’t make a gainful income for themselves, then the court could approve an indefinite alimony order.

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