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What Should I Wear To My Family Court Hearing?

It matters what you wear to court!

Parties generally do not get much face time in front of the judge or jury, so it is imperative that you look presentable and make a good impression. You want the judge or jury to think, based on your appearance, that you are a trustworthy and credible person. It is also a sign of respect – that you respect the court and take the judicial process seriously.

Most courts even have provisions in their written policies that professional dress is required. Professional dress is required for both litigants and attorneys.

Generally, modest and respectful clothing is necessary. Business casual is recommended. A full suit is not necessarily required for parties, but you should not wear shorts, sleeveless tops, baseball caps, or anything with offensive writing. A collared, long-sleeve shirt and pants are appropriate for men and a modest dress with sleeves or a cardigan is appropriate for women.

It is also important that you are clean, well-groomed, and presentable. You want to show the court that you take this seriously and respect their time and help.

If you fail to follow these policies, the judge has the ability to exclude you from courtroom proceedings. It is also very important to advise any witnesses or people accompanying you to court to dress in a similar fashion.

Most importantly, these suggestions apply to both in-person and Zoom court appearances. A Zoom courtroom is still a courtroom!

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