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Delinquent Child Support & Vehicle Registration Denials in Texas


Texas child support agencies have numerous ways to enforce child support orders. If noncustodial parents fall too far behind on their child support, their driver’s license can be suspended, their professional license can be suspended, their tax refund can be intercepted, their U.S. passport can be denied, and their motor vehicle registration renewal can be denied.

In Texas, when a noncustodial parent has not paid child support in six or more months, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) can request the Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) deny a noncustodial parent’s vehicle registration renewal, when the time comes.

How Will I Know if the DMV Denies My Registration?

You should get a warning well in advance. Typically, the OAG mails out a letter to delinquent noncustodial parents notifying them of their denial before their registration is scheduled to expire.

If you fall behind six or more months in child support, you should receive such a letter from the OAG. Additionally, when you receive your registration paperwork from the TxDMV, it should include the denial notification on the front of the paperwork.

“What can I do to resolve the issue so I can renew my registration and drive legally in the state?” Noncustodial parents whose registration is denied due to child support arrears can typically enter into a payment arrangement. They often do not have to pay the balance in full, but they do need to make a reasonable, minimum lump sum payment and they must enter into a payment agreement to resolve their arrears.

“When will the TxDMV let me renew my registration?” Once a noncustodial parent takes the above steps, he or she should be able to renew their registration within a few days thereafter.

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