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HIPAA Release Drafting in Katy, TX

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An effective estate plan is a must for any who wants control over how his or her assets are distributed after their death. To be complete, an estate plan should also include documents to protect future medical care in the event you become incapacitated and can no longer make your own healthcare decisions. Although your estate plan may also include directives to a physician, effective medical directives often require further information that cannot be disclosed unless you sign a HIPAA release document. “HIPAA” stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.”

The purpose of HIPAA is to protect patients’ private medical information. Before any of your protected health information can be disclosed, you must first have a valid HIPAA release indicating the person(s) you wish to have these records and the reason why. This includes documentation of your medical records, bills, and health insurance claim documents. If you want to ensure your future medical care is left in trusted hands, it’s important to seek the legal advice of a qualified attorney. Only a valid HIPAA release will allow your medical information to be passed to whomever you would like to oversee your medical care.

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HIPAA Requirements and Regulations

Although HIPAA is beneficial to protecting your privacy, it can complicate matters for those who become physically or mentally incapacitated and still require medical care. It can also be useful if someone is seeking an injury lawsuit on your behalf, as access to your health information can prove any injuries you’ve sustained weren’t pre-existing. To release your medical information, a written authorization describing what information should be released, and the reason for doing so, must be signed, dated, and include information regarding the identity of those whom the patient authorizes to request and receive healthcare information. You can set an expiration date for your HIPAA release authorization, as well as other conditions and stipulations, so your information is still protected. In this instance, it’s very useful to have a skilled estate planning attorney to advise you on how to proceed.

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