Premarital & Postmarital Agreements

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When most couples get married, they do so with the intention of remaining together forever. However, life often has other plans, and a significant portion of marriages end in divorce. No matter what your long term goals may be, it’s vital to keep yourself protected in the event of a divorce.

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Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, are essentially documents which dictate the rights and responsibilities of each spouse during the marriage, as well as after a divorce, death, or separation. Premarital agreements must be created and finalized prior to the marriage.

Premarital agreements can address many personal and financial items, including:

  • Business interests
  • Retirement accounts
  • Income
  • Tax deductions
  • Credit card spending
  • Dictating how certain arguments will be settled

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Postmarital Agreements

In both form and function, postmarital agreements are extremely similar to their premarital counterparts. In most cases, the difference is simply when the agreement was created, as postmarital agreements are created after the marriage.

Many couples get caught up in the wedding planning process, and fail to finalize these documents on time; these couples are excellent candidates for a postmarital agreement. These agreements can be created immediately after the wedding, as well as at any point during the marriage. They include many of the same components as a prenup, although couples will generally have a better understanding of the issues they need to address.

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While both pre and postmarital agreements aren’t the most romantic aspect of a marriage, they can still be highly beneficial for nearly any couple. Even if you never plan on getting divorced, these agreements can help protect your interests as both an individual and a couple.

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