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  • Divorce: Should You Sell the House?

    || 24-Mar-2017

    If you are headed towards divorce and you and your spouse own a home, you will have to determine what to do with the marital home. Should you keep the house? Should you sell it, or should you rent it out? As of this writing, a modest 3-bedroom home in Katy, Texas runs about $210,000. For a 4-bedroom, 2,866 square foot home, you are looking at about $300,000. There is a good chance that the marital ...
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  • How Are Retirement Accounts Handled in a Divorce?

    || 18-Jan-2016

    Property division, or the splitting of marital assets, tends to be one of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of a divorce. While most people understand that joint property such as cars, homes, and bank accounts are subject to division, many are unaware that retirement accounts and pensions may also be split. Secure the dedicated, skillful representation you need. Schedule an initial ...
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  • How Forensic Accounting Can Help You In Your Divorce

    || 8-Jan-2016

    Any divorce can be a complicated process, but those involving complex financial portfolios tend to be especially difficult. Although it is absolutely critical to retain a Katy divorce attorney to guide you through the process and protect your interests, you may also benefit from a forensic accountant, who can help you understand the detailed impact a divorce will have on your financial future. ...
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  • How is Marital Property Categorized in Texas?

    || 3-Sep-2015

    In Texas, most property acquired during the course of a marriage is considered community property, and will have to be divided during the divorce process. The two main categories of property to be considered in a divorce are community property and separate property. Because Texas is a community property state, a large majority of the property involved in a divorce will likely be considered ...
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