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  • Successful Parenting After the Divorce

    || 16-Aug-2017

    For parents, one of the most difficult parts of divorce is worrying about how it will affect their children. A father can be terrified about the idea of no longer living under the same roof as his children, or a stay-at-home mother can be heartbroken when she has to return to working outside the home, away from her children. It’s often difficult for each parent, even though each can ...
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  • CPS Investigations in Texas

    || 13-Jun-2017

    In Texas, a Child Protective Services investigation may be initiated after the police are dispatched to a home for a family violence call (domestic violence), after a concerned citizen calls the Texas Abuse Hotline, or after a mandatory reporter places a call to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) on suspicion of child abuse. Once a Child Protective Services (CPS) ...
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  • Difference Between SPO, E-SPO, and Custom Visitation Orders

    || 1-Dec-2016

    If you have children and are filing for divorce, custody and visitation are two issues you and your spouse will have to work through. Texas courts use the terms “possession” and “access” to refer to visitation and custody matters. “Possession” of your child refers to any time you can see your child in person, while “access” refers to the time you ...
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  • Why Do Houston Courts Like Geographic Restrictions?

    || 1-Mar-2016

    Per the Texas Family Code, the non-custodial or non-primary parent has the right to frequent, continuing contact with their child. When the primary parent wishes to move out of the area or out of state, however, things can get messy. To prevent these legal issues, and ensure that the child has contact with both parents, Texas courts will almost always impose a geographic restriction in any custody ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Filing a SAPCR

    || 17-Feb-2016

    A Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCR, is essentially a legal request for a visitation, child custody, child support, or any other order which will impact the interests of a child. Due to the high-stakes nature of these requests, it is crucial for parents to be adequately prepared before they start the SAPCR process. In this blog, our Katy child custody attorney takes a look at ...
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  • Stepparent Adoption Basics

    || 29-Dec-2015

    Being a child’s stepparent can be an incredibly rewarding and emotionally enriching experience. As stepparents become a larger and more important part of their child’s life, they may wish to obtain legal parental rights through adoption.At Hunt Law Firm, Attorney Alex Hunt and his skilled team are dedicated to helping their clients resolve their family law matters. To learn more about ...
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  • Same-Sex Family Law Issues

    || 14-Dec-2015

    The legality of same-sex marriage is a huge victory for the rights of millions of Americans, and has opened the doors for gay and lesbian individuals to marry and build a life with the person they love. As a result, however, LGBT couples may face a variety of legal challenges which require skilled counsel from a Katy family lawyer. The skilled team at Hunt Law Firm, PLLC understands these ...
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  • 5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Divorce

    || 17-Sep-2015

    Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but the process tends to be especially difficult for children. While nearly all children will struggle somewhat with their parents’ divorce, there are a number of ways to help them deal with the situation in a healthy way. 1. Make Sure Your Child Knows They Are Loved For many parents, this tip may seem obvious. However, it’s especially important to ...
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